Articulating Telescopic Elevated Work Platform

Altec’s AH Series features the added benefit of a material handler and extra working height, making it a great solution for transmission applications. The AH125 features a working height of 37.5 m and a side reach of 15.4 m.

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General Specifications:
Ground to Bottom of Bucket 36.0 m
Working Height 37.5 m
Maximum Reach 15.4 m
Bucket Capacity 952 kg
Upper Boom Articulation 0° to +160°
Lower Boom Articulation 0° to +87°
Rotation Continuous
Standard Features:
  • Articulating/Telescopic EWP
  • CAT ‘A’ Electrical Rating For Bare Hand Work
  • Insulation up to 765 kV AC
  • Telescopic Lower Boom and Upper Boom
  • 180 Degree Bucket Rotator
  • End-Mounted Rotating Bucket (Aluminium or Fibreglass)
  • 2 Person Bucket
  • Material Handling Capacity of 680 kg
  • 180˚Manually Rotating Jib/Winch Assembly that Automatically Levels with the Bucket
  • Bucket Access from the Ground
  • 2 Tool Circuits at Bucket
  • Secondary Stowage System
  • Designed in ISO 9001 Certified Facility
Optional Features:
  • Custom Layout, Lockers, and Accessories
  • Comprehensive Range of Tools and Equipment
  • Various Bucket Configurations