Elevated Work Platforms

Altec Australia has a full range of Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) perfectly suited for the country’s diverse conditions. Our EWPs are designed to be versatile and robust, they boast superior side reach, industry leading safety features and are supported by Altec’s team of experts. The EWPs range in height from 11-45 m and are ideal for use in the utility, vegetation management, telecoms and associated sectors.

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Model Working Height Maximum Reach Insulating Material Handling
AT30G 11.3 m 7.0 m Yes No
AT37GW 12.3 m 8.7 m Yes No
AT37M/P 12.8 m 8.0 m Yes No
AT37G 13.3 m 8.6 m Yes No
AT37G Combo 13.3 m 8.6 m Yes No
AT41M/P 14.0 m 9.2 m Yes No
AT46P 15.4 m 9.1 m Yes No
TA45S 15.5 m 9.3 m Yes No
AT48M/P 16.0 m 9.5 m Yes No
TA50 16.6 m 11.0 m Yes Yes
TA55 18.1 m 11.7 m Yes Yes
A55 18.3 m 10.8 m Yes Yes
TA60 19.7 m 12.2 m Yes Yes
A72T 23.4 m 13.4 m Yes Yes
A77T 24.8 m 14.2 m Yes Yes
AH125 37.5 m 15.4 m Yes Yes
AH150 45.7 m 18.4 m Yes Yes