As Australia’s energy market grows, Altec is here to support with equipment that will help meet the requirements of expanding infrastructure. Altec’s transmission pole borers are ideally suited for setting big transmission poles and our line construction trucks are the perfect support vehicle.

Stringing Equipment

Altec is able to provide stringing blocks for transmission infrastructure, including the following products:

  • 5708-1H Helicopter Stringing Blocks
  • 5716 Convertible Stringing Blocks
  • 6707 Stringing Blocks
  • 6711E Stringing Blocks

Altec stocks engineered tension stringing solutions for every electric utility application. The range of products is well known for facilitating safe and efficient installation methods. We have a range of puller-tensioners to suit your requirements.


Altec Australia is able to provide the following winder solutions:

  • 2501 Pilot line winder
  • Reel winders


Speak to us today about how we can help with your transmission solution needs.