Distribution Pole Borer

The D4050B maximises boom structures and cylinder geometry to give the operator best in class 3.1 m capacity and auger pull out force.  This “B” series unit has a unique hydraulic system to maximise multi-function speed and performance.

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General Specifications:
Maximum Lift Capacity Single Fall 6,800 kg
Lift Capacity at 3.1 m Radius 8,864 kg
Maximum Lift Capacity Double Fall 13,608 kg
Maximum Sheave Height 15.1 m
Maximum Horizontal Reach 12.3 m
Minimum Boring Radius 5.7 m
Maximum Boring Radius 8.7 m
Maximum Borer Torque at Low Speed 16,453 Nm
Maximum Borer Torque at High Speed 4,335 Nm
Boom Articulation -15° to +80°
Rotation Continuous
Standard Features:
  • Hydraulically Tilting Pole Guides with Pole Guide Interlock
  • Fibreglass Boom Tip and Transferable Steel Flares for Pole Setting
  • Continuous Rotation with High Capacity (Worm) Drive Gearbox
  • High Speed Winch, Engine Foot Throttle
  • Outrigger Boom Interlock System
  • Hydraulic Extending Full Capacity Fibreglass Upper Boom
  • Boom Storage Protection System
  • Altec Opti-View Control Seat with Twin Multi-Function Joystick Controls and Foot Throttle
  • Digger, Two-Speed Hydraulic Shift (Hydrasync)
  • Altec LMAP – Load Management System
  • Altec Electronic Side Load Protection (E-SLP) with Load Sense
  • Altec RotaFloat® Assists with Setting Screw Anchors
  • Powder-Coated Steel Structures
  • Designed in ISO 9001 Certified Facility
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
Optional Features:
  • Insulated 3rd Stage Fibreglass Boom
  • Fibreglass Jibs
  • Radio Remote Controls with LMI Display
  • Custom Layout, Lockers, and Accessories
  • Comprehensive Range of Tools and Equipment