Backyard Pole Borer

The DB37 is a track-mounted borer designed to easily access small, backyard jobs. When fully equipped with augur and pole guide, the DB37 has a 1,724 kg capacity and an 11.2 m sheave height. Rated to drive on slopes of up to 15 degrees side-to-side and 15 degrees front-to-back, this backyard borer can handle many different terrain types.

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General Specifications:
Maximum Lift Capacity 1,724 kg
Lift Capacity at 3.1 m Radius 1,293 kg
Maximum Sheave Height 11.2 m
Maximum Horizontal Reach 9.2 m
Minimum Boring Radius 2.1 m
Maximum Boring Radius 6.0 m
Maximum Borer Torque 10,847 Nm
Boom Articulation -6 to +75°
Unit Weight 4,037 kg
Minimum Stowed Unit Width .876 m
Minimum Stowed Unit Length 5.5 m
Rotation Continuous

* Includes turret winch, pole guides, boom flares, no augur.


Standard Features:
  • Hydraulically Tilting Pole Guides with Pole Guide Interlock
  • Track Driven Carrier with Retractable Tracks
  • Hydraulic Side Load Protection (HSLP)
  • Altec LMAP – Load Management System
  • Pendant Carrier Drive Controls
  • Full-Function Radio Controls for Unit Drive and Boom
  • Four Hydraulically Operated Radial Outriggers including Dedicated Switch to Operate all Legs Simultaneously
  • Travel/Drive Tilt Alarm for 15° Side Slope and 15° Front-to Back Slope
  • Powder-Coated Steel Structures
  • Designed in ISO 9001 Certified Facility
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
Optional Features:
  • Insulated 3rdStage Fibreglass Boom
  • Fibreglass Jibs
  • Comprehensive Range of Tools and Equipment