Track-Mounted Pole Borer

Designed to optimise job site efficiency, the Altec DR42B is a ride-on, all terrain pole borer that facilitates access to utility work where typical trucks cannot.

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General Specifications:
Maximum Lift Capacity: 4,037 kg
Maximum Capacity at 10′:* 2,608.2 kg
Maximum Sheave Height: 12.9 m
Maximum Horizontal Reach from Centerline of Rotation: 11.5 m
Boom Articulation: -16 to 80°
Digging Radius Minimum: 4.7 m
Digging Radius Maximum: 7.8 m

* Includes turret winch, pole guides, boom flares, no digger.

Standard Features:
  • 5-Function HOP, Including Boom Down
  • Full-Function Radio Controls for Boom with HOP Light Indicators
  • ROPS and FOPS Certified Open Cab
  • Hydraulic Tilting Pole Guides
  • Hydraulic Side Load Protection (HSLP)
  • Insulating, 46 kV and below
  • All Boom Sections Extend/Retract Hydraulically
  • Full Capacity Fibreglass Upper Boom
  • Fixed Steel Boom Flares at Boom Tip
  • Hydraulic Auger Release
  • Travel/Drive Tilt Alarm for 20° Side Slope and 25° Front-to-Back Slope
  • Boom and Auger Stow Protection (proximity switch)
  • Outrigger Controls at the Front and Rear of the Chassis
  • 3, 628 kg Auger Motor (two speed hydraulic)
  • Departure Angle of 30°
  • Outrigger Interlocks (proximity switch)
  • Outrigger Motion Alarm
Optional Features:
  • Auger with Carbide Teeth
  • Radio Remote Controls
  • Docking Station For Radio
  • Remote Controls At Platform
  • Platform Cover
  • Pole Puller
  • Platform Liner
  • Platform Or Liner Scuff Pads
  • Pole Carrier Bracket
  • Power Inverter For 110 VAC
  • Pole Dolly
  • Cargo Platform, Fold Out
  • Turf Protection Mats, Set Of 4
  • Hydraulic Tools Below Rotation