Service and support – you can always count on Altec.

A well-functioning unit is critical to the efficiency and safety of work on a job site. That’s why Australian standards require all EWP and pole borer units be serviced every three months, a solution that Altec provides. During time of service, the unit’s overall condition and compliance are thoroughly inspected as well as electrical and safety testing conducted. If any issues are identified, we investigate further.

Altec trucks are proudly built by our very own team of talented auto electricians. Their first-hand knowledge brings a high level of expertise to our servicing capabilities. Our service team’s proficiency and experience with Altec units means they’ll understand exactly what adjustments should be made – and when. Identifying issues early is key to avoiding major and costly problems that could lead to equipment downtime.

Although we love working on Altec products, we happily service alternative manufacturer units without compromising job quality.

Choosing Altec as your service provider comes with notable advantages including the market’s most comprehensive support organisation. In addition to our service facility in Melbourne, we offer mobile service options from skilled and certified technicians with 24-hour emergency assist as well as service partners located throughout Australia. Customer satisfaction and convenience serve as the foundation of the Altec service department.

Altec’s Service Manager Mark Blacker states, “the key to happy customers is more than just servicing trucks. It’s about ensuring they can count on you – no matter what.” Our customers frequently rely on Mark’s recognised delivery of prompt and professional expertise. The Altec service team is dedicated to exceeding client expectations by going above and beyond.

Altec is positioned to support our customers throughout the full lifecycle of their Altec equipment. Our number one goal is to keep our clients safely on the road by providing not only service, technical support, but also quality parts. As the country’s only authorised Altec parts dealer, we can ensure your order ships quickly while meeting our high quality standard. Learn more about how Altec can meet your part and accessory needs.

Altec is fully equipped to meet the servicing and parts requirements of any fleet size in the contractor, utility, telecommunication, transmission, and vegetation management industries. Our objective is to provide a favorable and streamlined approach keeping equipment downtime at a minimum.

We’re the Altec service team and are here to support you and your equipment anywhere in Australia. With our extensive network of service and support providers, you can count on receiving dependable quality and a favorable experience from a certified and trusted technician. Call us at 1 300 1ALTEC or contact an Altec representative online to get started.