The Altec Rebuild Process

Australian law dictates that Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) and pole borers must be rebuilt once the equipment is ten years old and every five years after that. Altec conducts rebuilds on all brands and models of EWPs and pole borers. If the unit is not built by Altec, we work with the original manufacturer to source genuine OEM parts. Altec adopts a custom approach for new unit builds, and the same is true of the Altec rebuild process. We understand that each customer has different requirements, and we adjust our service to accommodate each of their needs.

A thorough rebuild process improves crew and operator safety, which is why our experienced team goes the extra mile to ensure the unit performs at its best. After conducting a detailed visual inspection of the unit to note all apparent areas requiring repair, our service team performs a dielectric test to establish a baseline for the unit.

Next, the unit is stripped and undergoes a thorough inspection of all parts and components. This inspection includes an acoustic test to ascertain the structural integrity of the unit. Following the acoustic test, the Altec team provides a comprehensive list of all elements that need to be repaired, refurbished, or replaced. Altec’s rebuild team works with each customer to advise them on the next steps to meet their business objectives while maximising value and highlighting safety.

When the scope of the rebuild work is agreed upon, various elements of the unit are repainted, fibreglass work is completed, and all critical components are refurbished or replaced. The Altec rebuild team does not stop at just the EWP or pole borer but ensures that all additional elements on the truck are in top shape. This includes checking that all lockers function correctly, and all accessories, such as cable holders, are cleaned and in working condition. The cleaning and refurbishment element is the most time-consuming element of the rebuild process and requires acute attention to detail.

Then, the team reassembles the unit, taking as much care as with new builds. The team understands the nuances of different equipment brands and models and adjusts their approach to suit the characteristics of the EWP or pole borer. Altec has excellent relationships with OEM companies and can provide customers with the peace of mind that all the latest updates have been made to the unit.

After being reassembled, all units undergo further testing, such as stability and dielectric, which are carried out by independent inspectors. This way, the customer is ensured that the rebuilt unit is properly certified and will continue to serve them faithfully.

Once the unit is back in the field, Altec provides future support as needed. The Altec team provides part sourcing services, unit servicing, inspections, and testing throughout Australia.

For more information on equipment rebuilds with Altec, call 1 300 1ALTEC or contact an Altec representative online.