Top 5 Altec Parts Questions

Altec PartsAltec Australia is ready and able to serve your new and replacement parts needs. As the only authorized dealer of genuine Altec replacement parts, you can be assured that you will receive parts that meet the required Altec Quality and Engineering standards. Below are some frequently asked questions from our customers about parts.

  1. Do I need a manual for my equipment?

Yes. Regulations state that all equipment must have an operator’s manual on site during operation. For the safety of our customers, Altec also requires the possession of a parts/maintenance manual in order to take advantage of the technical support we provide with the purchase of every unit. Without these manuals, your operators and mechanics do not have the tools to safely and effectively operate, maintain, or repair your Altec equipment.

  1. How can I get a manual for my equipment?

We offer both operator’s and a combination parts/maintenance manuals for most equipment. Call us at 1 300 1ALTEC or contact a representative online. Manuals are produced to correspond with equipment serial numbers to ensure the safety of your crew and accuracy of maintenance and replacement parts. Altec provides some manuals for current Altec equipment owners.

  1. How do I receive a quote or order a part?

You may reach us by phone at 1 300 1ALTEC or contact a representative online. Alternatively, you can email and attach a photo of the existing part that needs replacement.

  1. Can shipping be expedited?

Altec Australia stocks a majority of the replacement parts for Altec units at our facility in Melbourne. Parts stocked in our Melbourne warehouse can be shipped to arrive at our customer’s location within 5 business days. Items not in stock are expedited from the US to satisfy customer needs. Parts for non-Altec products are subject to supplier availability and will be shipped as quickly as the Altec team receives the part.

  1. Do I need my serial number?

Yes. As Altec equipment is very customisable, it is important to provide the serial number at the time of ordering to ensure the correct parts are received. The serial number is located on the turntable or pedestal of the unit on a stamped serial number tag. Often, then final assembly number on the body or even chassis VIN number can also be used to access records.


For more information on Altec parts, call 1 300 1ALTEC or contact an Altec representative online.