Specialty Equipment

Altec’s commitment to our clients does not stop at delivering units, great service and ongoing support. We are here to make sure that our clients have whatever equipment they need, no matter how specialised their work is. Our specialty equipment is dedicated to niche industries that have a very specific set of requirements.


Altec is focused on helping our clients get the job done, no matter where they are. Altec units can be installed on track mounted vehicles, enabling our clients to gain access to even the most rugged and remote areas. Altec can provide track mounted EWPs up to 50 m in height and track mounted pole borers up to 24 m in height.

The AT37GW is one of our most popular track mounted EWPs, while the DB37 and DR42B are sought after borers.

Cable Placers

Altec’s line up of cable handling equipment features both chassis-mounted and trailer-mounted configurations, with payload capacity ranging from 3.6 – 7.2 tonnes. Altec has the equipment to help you get the job done. For more information select the model that fits your application or specifications.

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