Altec is a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of both insulated and non-insulated Elevated Work Platforms, Borers, Trucks and Cranes.

Altec’s full line of products range from Elevated Work Platforms with  superior side reach and Digger Derricks with industry leading safety features, to boom truck cranes designed with versatility and strength and wood chippers built for durability and performance. Our standard features coupled with competitive specifications provide the flexibility to select the equipment needed for your work.

Engineered to order

We import, carry out compliance engineering, assembling, distribution, servicing and provide after market accessories for our fleet and competitor’s equipments.
All of our models are certified to the Australian standards and feature the latest technology, offering smooth, safe, and reliable operation.

Our units have flexibility built into their design to allow variation of the layout and accessories, without compromising on efficiency or safety of our trucks.

Global Headquarters

For over 85 years, our parent company Altec Worldwide, headquartered in Birmingham, USA, is one of the world’s largest EWP and Pole Borer manufacturer. Altec has been delivering products and services in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

Altec History

For over 85 years, Altec has been a company committed to excellence. Our products are the industry leaders and consistently raise the bar through innovative product design, integrated safety features, and continued dedication to total customer satisfaction.

The history, tradition and culture of Altec are founded on our values.

Altec promotes an environment built on teamwork where knowledge is shared and innovative solutions are the result. The expertise of our Team is as critical to our success as the effectiveness of our products and solutions. At Altec, you can personally excel while making a difference to the company, our customers and communities.

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