Pole Borers

Altec pole borers range from a small back yard unit to large transmission units – all with the ability to dig and set poles. Altec has the equipment you need to get the job done. With hook heights up to 15 m and winch capacities up to over 13 tonnes, Altec’s crane borers are available in multiple configurations – custom to your requirements.

Model Sheave Height -10′ Capacity* Borer Reach
DB37 11.2 m 1,292.7 kg 5.9 m
DR42B 12.9 m 2,608.2 kg 7.8 m
DM45B 13.5 m 5,869.5 kg 7.6 m
D4050B 18 m 8,188.2 kg 8.7 m
DT80 24.3 m 10,949.7 kg 11 m
DT105 32 m 22,520.8 kg 13.8 m

* Includes turret winch, pole guides, boom flares, no augur.